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help with xbox 360 overheating?


the xbox 360 randomly shuts off about 30 seconds after turing it on and the two left quadrants will show in red (red rings of death) and apparently that indicates an overheating problem, but I’ve tried everything and nothing worked. and I think the warranty is out on it, can I still have it replaced?

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  1. its a built in problem with the older xbox’s. i think you can get microsoft to send you a new one. i had the 3 lights show up which were covered by microsofts warranty (as in it was their fault so they paid for it) but im not sure if its the same thing with 2 lights, go on the xbox website and arrange for the repair, it should tell you if you have to pay or not

  2. if you look on criagslist in your town i call the number and it may cost around 50.00 to 100.00 for to fix it. and some of them mod you system. he ore she may and extra xbox 360 all ready to go that day when you bring you xbox 360. so give it and shoot.

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