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Gi Joe Rise Of Cobra Part 4 Painful Origin of Snake Eyes (HD)


Gi Joe Rise Of Cobra Part 4 Painful Origin of Snake Eyes (HD)


  1. If the gi-jo are real in the Vietnam war my uncles and grandfathers could've seen them and maybe one of my grandfathers could ask to do joint missions between his team ARVN(or ask his commanding officer to do joint ops) and joes to hunt down the VC(ARVN=army republic of Vietnam=my fams are south Vietnamese)(VC=Viet Congs)and if snake eyes was real he could've make south Vietnam win the war and then making Vietnam a freedom country also I thought storm shadow killed the master by backstabing him cause I could've sworn I saw a sword on his back

  2. and cobra is also an covert disaster meeting within the British Government .frankie holtzmann smales. alienbugstomperfan

  3. which animated series was it where storm shadow or tommy poisoned the masters tea..and snake eyes saw he couldnt breath so tried to give him a tracheotomy (spelled that wrong?) not knowing it was poison doing it so tommy twisted things and said snake eyes killed him. I remember the masters daughter was a young girl when it happened so tried to get revenge on snake eyes

  4. Nanomite missles are missles loaded with nanotech an is designed to eat things! Also according to gijoe3 movie that movie is to introduce a new foe named miles mayhem yes as in venom, an to fight the new threat matt tracker is recruited to lead mask an this movie is to connect transformer/gijoe/visionaires an such an js to lead to new team with someone from each!

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