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Games that work only on the Slimline PS2?


My Friend recently brought a game over and it didn’t work on my Playstation. But it works on his PS2 Slimline. I have the original PS2 but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know anything about this?
I got the PS2 within the first 6 months of it’s release.

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  1. The laser in your console is dirty or starting to wear. I’m surprised you went this long without any problems (a lot of fat PS2’s experience this problem after a few years).

    Run a dvd lens cleaner through it a couple of times. If that doesn’t work you can clean the laser manually with cleaning alcohol and a q-tip. Search google for instructions if you feel you can handle it (it’s pretty difficult to take apart the PS2 if you’ve never done it, and could cause damage if you’re not careful).

    I would just start saving for an 80gb PS3, though. Cleaning the lens is only a temporary fix, since the console will eventually wear out.

    I’ve also heard that the original PS2 has trouble reading dual layer discs, which may be part of the problem, but it still should play it.

  2. as your ps2 starts to age it can’t read some color of discs, like black silver and orange(look on the bottom) maybe your ps2 just can’t read that color

  3. I think it has something to do with the PS2 original. is it old? see, sometimes, like the psp, the actual internal software or firmware is not recent enough to play recent games meant for the newer firmwares. usually it happens like when you get the console when it first comes out, cuz that means it has the original bugs, usually after a while the firmware will accept ALL agmes, but you gotta the newer ones. yea that’s how they get you. and that’s why the newer consoles have internet updates, cuz then they make more money selling them for more, and making them a little cheaper, then they make more money, cuz the make is cheaper and the sell is more expensive. but since it updates over internet, buying newer ones is almost useless, unless you didn’t get insurance, and then you gotta buy a new one.

    simply, it’s your ps2, not the game.

  4. same thing happened to my ps2, but after I got a slim, it played all the games that wouldn’t work om the old one

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