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Found a Xbox 360 game and i have ps3 what should i do with it?


So i was walking my dog and found Nba 2K12 for Xbox 360 but i cant play it because i have a Ps3 and i have 2K13 and none of my friends have a Xbox. is a little scratched but not that big and i have no idea if it works am thinking of selling it but i dont know yet.
am thinking of not selling it because they might buy it for cheap

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  1. sell it, you have nothing better to do with it, maybe just stand around in a gaming store and ask people if they want to buy it from you and if no one does then sell it to the store

  2. game that has scratched can still work sometimes not. Since you don’t have an xbox, I’d say sell it and say, check if the game still works if someone is willing to buy it from you or return it to someone who has that game (if you know). of course.they wouldn’t want to buy that game if you would sell it at higher price because it’s 2013 now. If it was 2k13 game, for sure sell it expensive. Or give it to someone else for free since you found it somewhere

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