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Flashed xbox 360 on live?


I was wondering whether i could go on xbox live silver with a chipped(flashed) xbox 360

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  1. Microsoft will ban you eventually. They peridocically check for flashed drives and ban your console (not your live account)

  2. Sure you can go on to Live with a Silver account and a modded console. You won’t be on for very long before they ban your console, though.

    Jym, Nigel means what Nigel said — for hardware mods like flashing your drive, they ban the console, preventing any account from using that particular console from getting onto Live at all. Any account on that console would still work when signed into another console.

    They do not ban accounts or consoles for playing games early; MS has said this before. Sometimes stores break street date and release a game early, sometimes they’re legitimate review copies.

  3. Ok, Flashed systems get detected when you play a game before it comes, out. What happens if you don’t disconnect your hard drive and ethernet while playing a game that does not come out before released it will record the play score on your Hard drive and Personal profile, that’s how they get you when they do there scan.

    After a game has come out lets say COD4, your in the clear.

    1. disconnect your hard drive before you play early released games.

    2. disconnect the ethernet cable.


    Microsoft will ban you and cancel your account, through your IP address

  4. Sorry but everyone posting is wrong.you will not be banned even with a gold account as long as you stealth patch your games and take precautions, such as: don’t play games before release dates like the guy above suggests. Even taking out the harddrive.data is still stored that you played that game. Achievement dates + even the little thing that shows your recently played games. Next time you reconnect, bam it’s sent to microsoft.

    Also never play a reviewers copy or alpha’s/betas. Really that’s it. If you just burn legit retail copies after they are released, you won’t be banned. How do I know? Because I actually have been doing this for months, unlike the above answerers it seems.

  5. What Nigel means is Microsoft will ban any account on your console and they won’t be able to use Xbox Live.

  6. No. You can never connect to Live with a modded 360. It will be banned and so will your account.

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