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First hour of Shenmue Gameplay in 4K!


Thought I would do a video of how awesome the original Shenmue looks in 4K resolution running on NullDC Dreamcast emulator on PC. If you love Shernmue back the kickstarter for Shenmue 3!! Please click below to donate.


First hour of Shenmue Gameplay in 4K!

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  1. Playing the Dreamcast version and just got to disc 3.This game is still amazing 17 years later and is probably one of my favorite games ever!Looks great thanks for the upload.

  2. your commentary kinda spoils the atmosphere of the game. Ryo's father just died and you're cracking jokes

  3. How the hell long does it take for him to play the game? Is he gonna tell me the settings to his microwave too?

  4. Barring visual issues, this looks damn amazing in 4K. I love Shenmue, for me it is the greatest videogame experience I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying, experience being the key word.

  5. Amazing, but I dunno if its an emulator thing, the audio sounds boosted/distorted, anyway to fix this?

  6. How do I see the video in 4K when I choose that when my laptop screen doesn't support 4K? or is what I'm seeing not a true 4K?

  7. Nice Video Bro, Dropped a like for you XD I been considering doing a Shenmue Revisit on my channel as well. Remember playing it back in the day when it came out. Got it on Release day, had to go to 3x Different shops to finally find a copy as it was sold out everywhere.

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