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Does Xbox 360 elite come with one free month of xbox live when you buy it new?


yesterday i bought an xbox 360 elite new from gamestop. my friend told me they give you one free month of xbox live gold but when i started to create my account, it told me to select what kind of subscription i wanted. (12 month-$50, 3 month-$20.) but it didnt say i had a free month. So do i get a free month or not?

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  1. Only the new one with 250 GB and sponsered with Kinect will give you one month of free Xbox Live Gold and built-in WiFi so you will have no need for a $100 Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.

  2. Yes you get a free month. What did you select when that came up? You are supposed to select that you want SILVER account, NOT GOLD. After you select silver it will say “Are you sure you don’t want Gold to play online Blah blah blah?” Select that you want silver again. it will then say “you’ve just recieved 1 month of GOLD Free!” There you have it.

    Don’t listen to Michael. Every xbox regardless if its the new one or not come with 1 month free xbox live.

  3. Yes, actually if you make an account 3 times they will give you 1 month for those 3 accounts. Now. If you made an account on Xbox.com then you will not get 1 month free. You have to make your new account on the xbox. Simple.

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