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Ditch or fix my xbox 360?


about ten minutes ago i tried to play online with my xbox 360.the console froze and disconnected me from live.i turned off my console,turned it back on and renewed my account.i then tested my connection and everything was fine.xbox live was up and running.thinking it was fixed i tried to play again and the same thing happened.the xbox froze and disconnected me.i have had enough! i was planning on getting an elite 360 but i don’t want to go through this again, im thinking about getting a ps3. is this reasonable and a good choice?i dont want to pay to have my xbox 360 fixed.

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  1. 1.Online Gaming You Have to pay for Xbox But for Ps3 IT IS FREE

    2.The Equiment on xbox is very expensive

    4.Ps3 has Blu Ray which makes a noise ps3 has a cooler the slim version

    5.Ps3 has Blu-Ray when you are playing anything,game,video etc. it is crystal clear

    6.i have xbox 360 it crashed 4 times in 2 months! xbox 360 has good games,Halo,Gears of war

    but ps3 has Heavy Rain,Uncharted,Killzone. the xbox as batteries ps3 has Chargebale controllers. you can play on the ps3 for many hours and it will get out after a Hour or 2 but the xbox used to get hot just after 30 minutes. if you want a console for a long time get PS3 i would ditch the xbox. i am saving up for the ps3 my xbox has crashed 9 times in a year i got the xbox because it was cheap looks like you pay for Quality. i dont play on Xbox Live because i am saving up for a PS3. In a month i will get it i am so excited!! i would get the ps3

  2. Get a PS3, BUT don’t be so sure that the Xbox is the problem. The problem may be your connection. Even if you get a good connection on your computer at the same time then consider that the 360 is pushing too much and that is why it is what’s crashing.

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