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Can I transfer data from a ps3?


So my brother just bought me a ps3. I’m super excited. But, I have a lot of game data in HIS ps3, and I want to get into my new one. Is there any way to get save data from HIS ps3 to MY new ps3?

Please be as specific as you can.
My friend said that I could also use the memory stick from my PSP to transfer the save data.but I wasn’t sure that it can hold PS3 save data.so is what my friend said true also?
Update 2:
Can I tranfer trophies the same way as save data?

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  1. With External Hard Drive, or using a 8GB USB(Drive).

    1. go to Game Settings

    2. Select: Backup Utility

    3. Select Back up, and save the things tha u have on his PS3, and the save on ur new PS3, do the same thing.

    Good Luck!

  2. Get a flash drive, and make a folder called “PS3” (obviously without parenthesis), then make a folder in that folder called “SAVEDATA”. Copy the data from your bros PS3 onto the flash drive then put it on yours. Good Luck.

    Be aware, sometimes it won’t let you use the data unless it’s being used in it’s original user account. just thought I’d tell ya.

  3. Well, you don’t need to transfer the installation data which takes up a lot of space. So, get a usb thumb drive, plug it in to one of the usb slots on the PS3, go to the saved data utility, press triangle, press copy, it should bring up the usb thumb drive in the options of where to copy it. Press copy. Do this with each of the individual peices of data. Keep in mind the thumb drive should pop up on the screen when you put it in. Click on the thumb drive to see if the data is there. Then, put the thumb drive in your ps3, click on it and go to the data, press triangle and then press copy, it should bring up the saved data folder. Copy everything there and you have all of your saved data!

    PS: Thumb drives are like $20. I suggest a 1GB or 2GB. I’m sure you know what that is but if you don’t here is a good one: [url is not allowed].

    EDIT: @ff suzaku, when you copy it it usually automatically makes the PS3 and SAVEDATA folder for you. If it doesn’t then you can do that though.

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