Home Playstation Forum blue backed discs for playstation 2?

blue backed discs for playstation 2?


our ps2 wont play blue backed discs, only silver ones work, can anyone tell me why and how ,if, we can solve it?

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  1. If it’s all discs it could be the console. Maybe the part that reads the disc needs to be cleaned. Unless you know what you are doing I recommend taking it to be repaired

  2. Depending on what generation of PS2 it is, you could have a defective lens. The older PS2s had a bad lens that Sony had recalled, I had one of these and had Sony fix it for free even though it was out of warranty since it part of the recall.

  3. blue backed discs are CD Roms, silver backed discs are DVD Roms, the early PS2s had bother with this as did mine and as far as i remember the disc drive has to be changed

  4. Your PS2’s lens is dirty.

    I recommend to buy a new Gen-3 PS2,or fix it.

    I sent it for repairs when my PS2 gave me this problem,now it plays everything from DVD-10 to Black backed CDs.

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