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Battle Vs. Chess Review by Malevolence


Battle Vs. Chess Review by Malevolence

Battle vs. Chess Preview on the Xbox 360. Will also be available on PS3, PC, Wii, DS and more.

Battle vs. Chess Preview


  1. Drop the accent and learn to speak clear and proper English… your Indian voice is annoying. I can't understand what you are talking about.

  2. there are many chess variants like loser's chess, bughouse, chess960  etc.  maybe they could include these but this is not checkers taking all of the opponents pieces is not always the best way to win. Pieces are used to mount an attack on the enemy king and to protect your own, they are expendable and often used to distract and confuse the opponent or mislead him into thinking he's gaining material only to find out he has left himself vulnerable to attack. it is too late by then 🙂

  3. I was really disappointed by this game because of the bad and boring battle animations. Very good review malevolenced, thank you!

  4. Great review. Nice to see there's other modes too like scenarios, mini-games and even hack-and-slash. I'll wait though until it goes on sale on Steam.

  5. @randompiece6 , thank you for your comment, yes it was a bit hard to follow with the background music. I will take this in account in my next review videos. Thanks.

  6. Hey Malevolence, it was a well made review but I just wanted to point out that your voice over audio is a little muffled which makes it a bit of a strain to follow what you are saying. If you could fix your audio, then you have a pretty good set up going for yourself.

  7. where can i buy this game for ps3? i cant find it! someone please tell me blinknasty9999@gmail thank u

  8. @jayfey77 Hmm interesting. Anyway in another 9 months reply again. Maybe it will be 200 thousand ranked. Then Ill give maybe ill check it out again.

  9. @jayfey77 You mean the ubisoft chessmaster that nobody every played? And even when it was first release at 10 bucks you could only find 1-5 games at most and played the same recycled players over and over again? Is that the one? Or is it a different chessmaster that has tons of players like on MSN and yahoo? That would also be free?

  10. wow well done for taking an ancent game with a depth that will last well over a life time and making it into a sort of buttonbashing utter piece of shit, not only that but people thought it would sell wow that says a lot for the human race, now do us a favour and fuck off forever or at least fuck off outta chess forever you pub going unbelievable fucking retard brain

  11. I bought the PC version and it has a lot to be desired. For Classic chess, to get a good challenge, you need to play at Level 8 and above. Unfortunately, the computer takes forever to make a move at this point. There are no time controls and you cannot force the computer to move. There rest of the content you can burn through in a few days.

  12. Meh, I was hoping for more along the lines of Star Wars Holo Chess or something. Specific animations for each piece for taking out each type of piece. Checking a piece and watching them all scatter into a brawl is kinda lame (to me, if not to you, then kudos, whatever that means).

  13. @cebass879 No no. There are different game modes. There's the classic chess mode where you play chess as normal and there's just the quick animation when you take over a square. So instead of just seeing one piece disappear, the pieces automatically destroy the other on the square moved within like 5 secs or so. Then there's another mode where you are able to actually attack or defend the square. So if you wanna play normal chess that's part of the game too.

  14. @Farfelu356 Money? Yea I guess that.s why microsoft has free chess on there news website MSN. Don't reply to my posts please.

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