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Ancient Review: Original XBOX


Ancient Review: Original XBOX

Video Game Controller Evolution - From Master System To Xbox 360 - Retro To Modern


  1. this console system remember more a ben10 game tan a console, but ok, i liked this console

  2. my mom said that I had a Xbox stored away and it's a Xbox 360 and I was happy when we went to get it was this Xbox and I was like "…..oh.."

  3. I loved the first Xbox! offered 60hz all the time for pal user and was the strongest console back then

  4. Gamecube was my childhood so that one I'll always love, but my Xbox 360 comes pretty close because the gamecube was the best in my past, (also loved how they played on the Wii nicely) but the Xbox 360 was a great console for my adult years. There were so many XB360 games I didn't even know I would love. I played stuff like a whole bunch of Call of duty games Assassin's creed games, Batman arkham games, and Left 4 dead 1 & 2. 😀

  5. can we play any new and upcoming games on any old xbox? or i have to buy xbox again and again?

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