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[60fps] Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty PS4 vs Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


[60fps] Oddworld New 'n' Tasty PS4 vs Xbox One Gameplay Frame-Rate Test


  1. I own a high end gaming PC and I can run almost every AAA game in 4k at 60fps. However this game at 60fps isn't as easy to achieve as it should be. even at 1080p.
    It comes to no surprise that consoles are on their 40's most of the time. The game isn't very well optimized.

  2. I thought my PC was shit for dropping a few frames at max… I uhh… guess it's not that bad. Jeez.

  3. They should have locked the frame rate to 30FPS for the console release as its pretty evident that the true weakness of both systems is that Jaguar CPU. They're just not up to snuff. The Radeon 7850 equivalent the PS4 uses handles this fine when paired up with a decent CPU but this is the true shortfall of the new consoles. They should have launched them both at $500 with better CPU's so that performance would have been consistent and so that these systems don't age so badly. We're only 2 years in(barely) and the performance short comings are already here. And before the twerps come in saying that the PS3/360 were capable of great things with just 0.5GB of DDR2/GDDR3 RAM so that means the new systems should be more capable with 8GB of the stuff, realise that RAM is really an insignificant part of a system unless it is paired with equally capable components. This game should be able to run well even at 4K resolution

  4. 45 ps4 35 xbox one XDddddddddddddddddddddddddddďdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  5. I'm really going to consider stop watching these videos and just read the analysis, because this comment section is disgusting, and full of immature assholes who belittle each other and make the same tired comment, these consoles can't run this game, hahaha weak systems, same shit, different day, you people really need to get a life. Gaming is a hobby, not life or death. This is the gaming community of next gen.

  6. I remember a time where we as gamer's, would buy a game because we knew it was fun, sit down, play, enjoy, bring the friends over, no matter the platform. But now, it's turned to let's analyze every nook and cranny and if I see a frame drop, that console is shit, what? Is this what it's come to, when one console has frame-rate drops here and there, but in reality, the game is the same on both consoles, it's shit? Do you guys play games close to your TV so you can see when you see 1 or 2 frames drop? That's what you act like while watching Digital Foundry videos, and it's sad to see. Fuck the console wars, and fuck a master race, play games, enjoy the experience, move on with your life, thank you!

  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Unity Engine 4.
    The same performance problems are present in Dreamfall Chapters for PC.

  8. Very disappointing performance. It's a freaking 2D platformer and still barely hits 45 on either console during gameplay. Yes it's got shit tons of textures and rendering as well as additional smoke effects but seriously, if Mario 3D World can run constantly smooth on Wii U's poor outdated hardware this is really just lack of effort

  9. 30fps for cutscenes is a design decision according to devs. The shotty performance is not do to the "lack of power in the consoles" either, its inexperience with the engine and the consoles themselves. This is there first game in I don't know how long but I bought on x1 and freaking love it despite some annoying framerate issues. The first oddworld is my favorite game of all time and to have its remake is awesome but seeing the comments here is really annoying.

  10. Got to love all the damage control here.

    "Oh, it's just poorly optimized!"
    No it's not, it runs on just about any PC… and this started as a PS4 exclusive, mind you.  It's incredibly easy to run, these weak-ass 8th gen consoles are the problem.

    "60 FPS doesn't matter anyways, they should just lock it at 30"
    Um, you know, 60 is more responsive.  Besides, PS3 was already handling 30 FPS on this game completely stable.  What's even the point of buying new consoles if they give you no improvement over 10 year old consoles?

    "They obviously sabotaged it to make PC look better"
    Are you even listening to yourself?  It started as a PS4 exclusive, it ended as a multiplat, and yet the exclusive platform and its Xbone port run like shit.  Meanwhile, nearly every decent PC's handling 60 FPS well despite the wait we had for it.  The new consoles are just that bad, no conspiracy involved.

  11. That's disgraceful! It's evidently poor optimization. They either didn't care or didn't have time or money. They should've  just went for 30 fps, at least it would've been stable. And it's such a simple game too! The ps2 could probably run it! They shouldn't be allowed to release half-assed games like that!

  12. They really need to make videogame consoles in respect of similarly to PC can do. Meaning if you want to upgrade a graphics card well somehow maintaining an architecture for game development. Having the game be able to notice the upgrade and either I get off at what the capabilities of the system to be on it's own and when you upgrade have those options sets unlocked for the better graphics and frame rate. I think if the process of that is simplified and the upgrade is reasonable say $85 for two maybe 130 for the better graphics but I think it's feasible to do that. Anything past that price point would be suicide for these companies. Is the only way within a certain amount of reason the video game console but somewhat to some level be a little bit adaptable in a world where lifecycles a videogame consoles cannot be 10 years. All about the software I think if it was implemented like that it would work out well.

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