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1080p – HDMI – XBOX 360 Issue?


Hi. I have an Xbox 360 that is fairly old and does not have a HDMI socket on it. However I have recently, well, 1 hour ago got a new 32″ 1080p TV.

Note: The TV is an AOC LE32K0D7D.

Basically, I plugged in my Xbox through an RGB/AV slot using the SCART extension. I tried to adjust the settings on the Xbox display menu to go to 1080p and it would not work. I then attempted all others (720p, 1080i) and they did not work either. I then clicked the switch on the 360 cable that changed it to ‘HDTV’ but that did exactly what changing the display did; black screen with no signal.

My 360 is not updated to the latest 360 system but it still says 1080p as an option so it can’t be that bad.

So how to I change my display? I’ve read that people can get 1080p through component but I can’t even get over 480i? Do I need a HDMI cable, in fact, is there one for a 360 that doesn’t have a HDMI socket?

Any help would be great.

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  1. You can probably get 1080p with the component cables that should have came with your xbox if you bought it brand new from the store. The component cable is red, blue, green, etc.I believe you would need the HDMI wire to get the full 1080p. You can’t connect a HDMI wire, if there is no slot on the xbox. Your best bet would be to try the component cables and hopefully that works!

  2. You don’t need an HDMI cable to get above 480i. It is a setting on your tv’s input display. If you can find a setting for input display and change it to 1080p, your xbox 360 would allow that too. I had to do the same thing when i got my new tv. Just make sure after any TV settings are changed, your cable is set to HDTV.

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