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10 Highest Rated PS4 Games


10 Highest Rated PS4 Games


  1. Guys if you don't like cod it's because of jump boost there making it boots on the ground and if you are American And don't like it well that's sad because it's based off real places and real events for WWII

  2. Omg gta 5? Ahahahaha soo overrated. Last of us, unchrted 4, witcher 3 are sooo much better games. Gta5 is overhyped.

  3. Ive just started Persona5, just 6.30 hs playin. Le me tell you it looks great, it feels great. But you should know The game starts REAAALLLY slow. It takes 6hs to explain The game. The rest is amazin

  4. my top ten
    1.tekken 7 FR
    2.COD WWII
    3.God of war remastered
    4.The last of us remastered
    5.Skyrim The Elder scrolls
    6.Mortal Combat X
    7.Crash bandicoot
    8.Dead Island 2
    10.Watch Dogs 2

  5. For me Overwatch deserved number 1. It is my favourite game I've ever played, and a close second is Horizon: Zero Dawn

  6. Just saying Nier Automata was one really amazing game!!
    Of course people have different tastes and most games you listed were also great

  7. Is it bad that the only thing I'm wondering while watching this was how the hell he affords so many games? Lol

  8. Persona 5 is certainly worth starting up! I'm on my 3rd playthrough currently, and it is just love <3

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