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Zumba World Party – Limbo 5 Stars


Damn, I kept trying to go for 100% on this, cause this would have been easy on Kinect (did this on Wii). Oh well, still enjoyable. 😀

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Zumba World Party - Limbo 5 Stars


  1. Muito legal esse jogo. Tenho ele no Wii U. Realmente, é muito difícil conseguir 100% em alguma música. Gostei por que ele te obriga a mexer a cintura, então não tem como o pessoal dar migué e jogar sentado! hehe

  2. You are good but as people said before you should fell the song, you know the steps (look less at the tv) but you focus more on the moves while you should be trying to feel the steps with the song. I also love the song!!! I danced to it a thousand times!  

  3. you probably look way better than my fat butt dancing hahahaha!!!! awesome thax for uploading!!! apparently i need to subscribe! 🙂

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