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Xbox One vs. PS4 – Camera Comparison


Xbox One vs. PS4 - Camera Comparison


  1. well in picture response the ps4 camera is better but in voice commands kinect is the choice

  2. I think PS4 is better than Xbox one but I want the Xbox because of Kinect and all the cool games in Kinect. I have tried playing Kinect and it's amazing. I loved it.

  3. The good games for Xbox one s are fifa 17 gta 5 mine craft and much more you can search in the google. I don't know them all. I have an Xbox one not Xbox one s but they are similar.

  4. Another useless comparison… ok, they are different, so? You buy a Lambo and a Ferro and search for differences between them and so what? I have never understood these stupid kind of "analysis"

  5. PS4 camera is a little bit better than the Xbox one kinect in streaming and Skype
    But Xbox one Kinect is better than PS4 camera in voice commands

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