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Xbox one Infestation help?


I previously acuired an xbox one through an exchnage page. I’m at college now and as i’m playing the xbox in my dorm room i see a roach crawl across the floor.I killed it made sure everything was clean checked my roomates stuff and my stuff and even check the vents. As i turn the lights off and turn them back on more roaches are crawling on the floor. While killing them I look to the back of my xbox one and see roaches attempting to crawl out! I sealed my xbox one away and tried to return it to the person i got it off but he wouldn’t accept! So I sealed my xbox up and haven’t seen a roach since.well that was a month ago and I want to actually play it is there a way for me to clean it out with limited materials or any methods anyone knows of? Like putting it in a freezer and shaking it outside or something?

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  1. I doubt there were roaches inside the XB1 – there’s no food or water in there.

    Anyways, if you’re really that paranoid, get a few roach traps an throw the in the bag with the Xbox 1 and reseal it. The roaches will eat the poison and die. They won’t stay in the Xbox because the poison makes them thirsty, so they’ll want to “out” to find water. That should solve the problem after a week or so.

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