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Xbox One Controller on PC!


Xbox One Controller on PC!

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  1. who else was watching this because they wanted to play minecraft on their pc but with a Xbox One controller because their used to it?

  2. it says: Update: Run Windows Update and it will automatically pick up the latest drivers, therefore I am removing the links below.

  3. I plugged in my elite controller and it won't auto install the drivers ffs. Plus he removed the links in his blog.

  4. That fucking shit wire wont even fucking work i got it new 2h later it fucking broke great job microsoft

  5. My windos 10 PC still does NOT recognize my XB one controller. I plug it in, the controller vibrates, but nothing else happens.
    I was able to use my controller with my PC last year, and I had to download drivers at that time & everything was fine. I since then, have deleted the drivers as I got used to mouse & keyboard. But for the times that I just want to lay back & play games, I'd like to use my controller, but it's not being picked up anymore.

  6. so if I connect a Xbox one controller to my Lenovo legion y 720 .will my controls change from PC to Xbox gamepad?

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