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Xbox Live Gold Review – Xbox One | Xbox 360


TSC Gaming’s Fred Richani reviews the Xbox Live Gold service on Xbox One / Xbox 360 and explains why it might be worth it for you, the gamer! Games featured in this review: Cobalt from Mojang, Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios / Double Eleven, and The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games. Subscribe to TSC Gaming for more game reviews, playthroughs, and much more: https://www.youtube.com/TSCGaming
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Xbox Live Gold Review - Xbox One | Xbox 360

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  1. if u buy xbox 360 live gold membership for 1month can u play games that u have online?????

  2. so if ur xbox live gold subscription is over u cant play the game any more right but it doesnt charge u for the game for total buy

  3. when you get a game that is free for a month would it be perment to keep after the month or you have to pay for it after the month cause I got one game free the free games per month thing

  4. if you buy Xbox live gold
    can you play with other users on different platforms? like say if I'm playing on Xbox 1 and my friend is playing on PS4 can we go multiplayer on the same game?

  5. Ive never tried gold before. I want to buy Tenchu Z game on xbox live but there's no price for it. If I go gold will it be possible for the game to be free or atleast have a price so I can buy it?

  6. first, just want to say I am a PlayStation gamer since ps1 and love everything about it. however, my husband has a Xbox one which I play as well. I'm debating on getting Xbox Live Gold for us to play online and just like PlayStation plus, you get free games on top of that, which is cool. So I just want to know, is it really worth what I've been hearing? I'm a huge gamer, and getting use to the Xbox just like I'm used to the PS Systems. I seen Watch Dogs is free this month, and that is what has me leaning towards 'just try It'. Should I?

  7. I bought gold for 3 months today, and I can't play halo online, I'm kinda worried and furious, I need help.

  8. hey, question for you. I will be buying the Xbox 1 s for my son's birthday. He wants the Minecraft bundle, which for what I read, has 500 GB. but now that I saw your video, and he will be getting free games with the gold subscription, would 500 GB be enough?

  9. if I have a 360 gold and my friend has a xbox one gold…can we play multiplayer together?

  10. I just got an Xbox one s and my wife also got me the gold 6 months.how and where do I get the games they give for having the gold for the 6 months? the last system I had was a nes when I was a kid.that was a long time ago.please if anyone knows let me know. thanks

  11. Hey, Ust wodering dince im getting an xbox one in 16 days my first question is Do I need a credit card to download free games and my secobd question is Can I get previous FREE games from thr month before that i missed.??

  12. I feel that they should just drop XBLG, have more sales on games, and make multiplayer free. I mean, look at how limited games like halo 5 are. You can't even play forge offline

  13. Good review but two question's , it says before u buy it theres could be applicable tax, is it a lot and when does it apply ?
    And the free games , can u play them after u finish you're membership ?

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