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Xbox Live, family settings Problem?


Hey i have this weird problem with xbox live, that i cant fix and ive been looking everywhere to fix it. I have even rang xbox up and they don’t even get it.

Ok the problem is, when i try and go to family settings and change them it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work on the computer or the xbox360. When i try to change them on the computer it says server is unavailable and on the xbox it says cant connect to xbox live.

Its weird because, xbox didn’t know what to do and i am definitely connected to xbox live. And if your wondering why im trying to go into family settings its because, my dad said i can change them a bit. Im really confused on how to fix the problem :S is it because ive only got xbox live silver? Is there something wrong with my xbox?

Please help me, its driving me crazy.

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  1. HOLD UR HORSES! keep ur xbox, i have a ps3 and the online is crap as! BOOO!! but the graphics are good, anyway i suggest that try out xbox gold, cause u cant do jack * with silver, pay the price for gold ITS WORTH IT! and also the xbox is not a piece of junk

  2. the family settings shouldn’t matter at all if all you got is the free silver package. You can’t even really do anything online with the silver. My suggestion is sell that piece of junk 360 and buy a PS3. For free you can play all the online multiplayer games you want.

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