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Wireless router and xbox live?


have got a working wireless router connected to my pc. Is that enough too connect me to xbox live if i buy the new xbox 360 60gb version?
So i have to buy something for £50 if i want to play wireless? Or just buy a cable.

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  1. yes it will work, but I would use a wired connection. I use a linksys wired router and it works great. just make sure you don’t have any more than 75 feet of ethernet cord running from the router to your 360. too much cord and you will start to get lag.

  2. You need to get an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter from Amazon (

    [url is not allowed] )

    or from a local gaming store.

    That connects the Xbox to the Wireless Router. What you going on about is an Xbox 360 with a 60GB Hard-drive.

  3. It definitely will. if the router has four ports on it I would recommend connecting the 360 wired that way lag isn’t an issue!

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