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Will you buy an Xbox One now that they did a 180 on their policies?


On used games and always on Kinect? They want to keep dedicated Xbox fans and compete with Sony and the PS4. The whole not being able to sell and buy used games is ridiculous, especially when most of the games you buy are used. Like I do.

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  1. Here is a long, mature and personal review of Microsoft’s reversal:

    With their previous policies – the ‘mandatory once per 24 connection’ and the extreme ‘used game restrictions’, I decided that I will no longer be their customer. I have read articles during the first day of the confirmation on their policies [before reversal] saying that they had ‘no plans on changing policies’; betrayed.

    I immediately switched my focus on the Playstation Four; they had no mandatory connections, no used game restrictions; it felt like home.

    When Microsoft finally gave into the public’s demands and negative PR, I was quite shocked. I’m very glad and super happy they have reversed the Xbox One’s old policies. The only standing issue is the Kinect being mandatory. To me, it’s not that big of a deal. If I’m that paranoid about it, I’ll place a cloth over the camera or tilt it upside down. One can also plug their gaming system into an external power-bar where they can cut off the circuit from powering on; making sure that no power transmits to the Xbox One or Kinect.

    Conclusion: I pre-ordered the Xbox One. Why, one may ask? Well, I am already an Xbox Live customer and have been for several years. I’ve been loyal to XBL and Microsoft, and I like the service it has provided for me. The games I am happy with too. I cannot afford both a PS4 and Xbox One together, let alone adding both the console’s annual fees for multiplayer [the Playstation+ and Xbox Live].

    It’s hard to decide whether Microsoft made a ‘right’ move or a ‘smart’ move. It was unfortunate we had to drag them this far through the mud. But I believe that everyone deserves a second chance [within moderation]. We’re all human here, and we all make mistakes and Microsoft chose to listen to the massive community by reversing the old policies.

  2. Kinect is still always on. It has to be so it can listen for you to say “Xbox On.”

    They’ve made a good start but they’ve got a long ways to go towards regaining the market’s trust.

    And to both Sony and Microsoft.where’re the games?!? Enough with the Facebook posting and cable box controlling. The main reason I’m going to buy one of these things is.the games.

  3. Absolutely. To me I wasn’t that turned off by the policies because of what it could have “possibly” meant down the road. Now that they have reversed the drm it is just that much better.

    Just look at the games. Sony saw the gas leak and simply through a match on it. When I took a step back though and looked at the games it was much easier decision. On Xbox One there are 7 games I want on launch day and on Playstation 4 there are 4.

    So in my mind it has more games I want to play, comes with features and software that will take it beyond a simple gaming machine and has an online service people have trusted for years.

  4. Yes, I was gunna go PC, found a really good one on eBay and won the bidding at an amazing price, but apparently he didn’t think it was so amazing and decided to delete his account without sending it to me, as though that means he’s safe and doesn’t have to refund me. PayPal begs to differ, what an idiot.

    Anyway, I’ll never find another PC with that spec for that price so I’m just gunna put it toward an XB1. To be honest, none of their policies bothered me much anyway, I buy 99% of my games new, have a stable Internet connection etc and I’m not terrified the kinect is “watching me”. They didn’t bundle the kinect so Uncle Sam can keep an eye on you, they bundled it to get the kinect out there.

    What’s the one thing all kinect games have in common? They suck

    That’s because nobody wants to develop games for it because the market is tiny, not many people own the kinect. So now that every XB1 owner has a kinect it means developers will use it and publishers will back developers who want to make kinect games. It means that it will eventually become a good addition with good games for it.

  5. yes i will buy a Xbox one i was originally going to buy one even though they had those policies but its going to be a amazing console and the whole game lineup looks amazing too! oh and you are able to turn off the kinect always on thing

  6. I’m not really interested in either right now. But really if I was going to get one of them I’d have to say that even if they hadn’t reversed their policies I would probably still get the XB1 over the PS4 mainly due to the fact that I am completely sick and tired of all the hateful,immature,misnformed,and completely pointless and stereotype fanboy BS playstation fans have been posting in this topic non-stop since the XB1/720 was first announced.

  7. No, I wasn’t planning to buy one to begin with. The Xbox One isn’t doing anything to convince me to switch over and the PS4 has the games I’m interested in playing anyway.

  8. Not at all. They have lost my trust, and Kinect still has to be connected all the time. I’ll still be getting a PS4.

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