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Will this flash drive work for my Xbox 360?


So today I went to target and was hoping to get a flash drive so I could download a game on my xbox. They had a 16 gb sandisk cruzer glide for $20 but they had the same one at Walmart but it was 32 gb and same price but they are always sold out and have been the last several times I have went. For $25 I got the PNY 32GB USB 2.0 flash drive but after reading several comments that say it unconfigures and you lose all data, I am thinking twice. I went ahead and got the cruzer glide I mentioned before because sandisk makes the official xbox 360 flash drive. Should I take a chance on the PNY one? Or just play it safe with the cruzer glide?

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  1. The Xbox won’t use more than 16GB on a flash drive, so getting anything larger is just a waste if you’re only using it on the Xbox.

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