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Wii, Ps3, and Xbox360?


I think these are the main reasons people buy a console, it depends on the price, features, ads, reputation, looks, fanboys, and the games you buy. Do you think there is more to it than that?

I’m not trying to start a war, I have all three, and I love them all.

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  1. i think your mostly right. i really don’t consider cost a factor in buying a console unless its an insane price like the ps3 used to be at 600. at the time that was just way too much. so instead i bought a wii. but even so at 250 it doesn’t do a lot of stuff both other consoles do which is why you might actually be getting a better deal with a ps3. looks are very important to me. i didn’t buy the gamecube because lets face it, that thing was ugly as hell. the games are by far the biggest impact on buying a system, but xbox and ps3 both have very similar games, very few exclusives will draw you in. while the wii is entirely different.

    one thing i think you forgot is lasting appeal. lets say ps3 will last you 10 yrs until the ps4 comes out while the xbox will only last you 2. which one would you want more?

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