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Why was I suspended from xbox live?


Well according to the email I received it said that I was banned due to people complaining about my bio (the only reason why people report me is because i probably wrecked them in MW2) and in my bio it says I HATE NAGGERS not N*ggers but NAGGERS with an A not an I the word * in the dictionary basically means people who annoy, so me saying I hate people who annoy is against their code of conduct? I find this quite funny but I kinda wanna play some MW2 so is there any way I can complain about it or do you think what they did was right?

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  1. xbox live does not in any way condone overt racism. if they even think you are trying to be racist in a sly manner, they will ban you.

    or it could be that they think you’re a na-gger lover and just don’t want you online. 🙂

    (NAG*ER got censored for me, too. wtf?)

  2. I can see why they might make the mistake. You should appeal it. Tell MS to look up it up in the dictionary.

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