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What’s a good xbox 360 game for even picky gamers?


I will first say I’ve considered Dead Island and the GOTY edition of Borderlands both because they got not just guns but also weapons and its first person with a good atmospheric feel. Skyrim would be awesome but its too. MUCH and I don’t know if i’d like it. I really want ACTION but wouldn’t mind if there was say some sorta tactical or stealth thing to it at times and DEFINITELY want the story to be good. I really wanna feel immersed, but don’t want something so. “This definitely will end bad” type thing when its all over. I’m an EXTREMELY picky gamer, so any advice or ideas would be helpful. Thanks bunches.

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  1. Just sayin, if you get COD games you will meet A LOT of little kids screaming thier heads off in multiplayer. If you want a hardcore RPG shooter get Borderlands 1 or 2. If you like stealth and armor & stuff like that get Crysis.

  2. Try Deus Ex: Human Revolution, if you haven’t played it yet. Definitely has a bit of everything.

  3. If you want like an RPG game try the Mass Effect Series (futuristic rpg shooter) Or Far Cry 3 (RPG shooter) Give skyrim a try! It’s an AMAZING game!

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