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whats a good ps3 game?


i want a ps3 game that has a good story, is a little difficult and will last a while. even better if it has hidden items and trophies. im into games like resistance, burnout and rachet and clank. what would you recommend

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  1. Call of duty 5,, i like the Nazi zombie mod.

    Or buy the Assasins creed game,, if you like Soccer buy Fifa09

    If u want a great story then take the Assasins creed game,, very cheap now and its very good 🙂

    Hoped i helped!

  2. Metal Gear Solid 4- Has good story from what I’ve heard without actually owning the game myself. There a lot of weapons that you can upgrade and modify as well.

    Assasins Creed-There’s a crap load you can do in this game. You can find different flags hidden all over each city and in areas around the cities your heading to There’s roughly 4 different types of flags you gotta find and the most of kind is 100 flags. You can search and kill Templar knights about a total of 50 of them to find.

    You can do lil side missions for your fellow assasins which would include assasinating their targets for them,finding flags in certain amount of time. Or eavesdropping or pickpocketing ppl.

    Grand Theft Auto 4- a lot of ppl said this game was a let down and I have to agree in the sense that there’s not a whole lot you can do offline in this game to keep it fun to play compared to GTA San Andreas. In GTA 4 though the story is really good in my opinion. You can have 2 outcomes depending on the choices you make at least for the end anyways. For fun side missions you can do vigilante missions in a cop car which include finding the most wanted in each town of Liberty City. Or you can just go about hunting down everyday criminals who steal cars,gang related activity etc. You can find 200 some pigeons/flying rats to kill all over Liberty City as well. I think there’s 50 stump jumps you need to complete. Not sure what else there is you can do.

    Hope that helps.

  3. COD 5 is one of the best games you could buy. Also, you have great games like socom, little big planet, and metal gear solid. If you love multiplayer, then buy socom. It is the best game for gamebattles.

  4. Call of Duty: World at War. It’s got a good story, good cinematics. Very realistic weapons, good HD output so it looks very good. Multiplayer is downright immersive. If you’re looking for hidden things, there are a ton of trophies you can earn and there is a death card hidden somewhere in each level. You can find the death cards in single player and then use them in campaign or competitive co-op mode. Theres also the NAZI ZOMBIES level, which is loads of fun.

  5. farcry 2 is a really good game it gave me over 50 hours of fun

    the main game is long enough but there are also lots of side missions that you can choose to do

    i also really like metal gear solid 4 its got a great story and really good graphics the only problem is there are to many cut scenes though you can skip them

    although short uncharted drakes fortune is a really fun game

    if you have online get call of duty 4 or 5 although the one player isnt very long you will get endless fun playing online

    overall id recomend farcry2 and metal gear solid

    if you have online id also recomend cod 4 or 5 personally i think number 4 is better

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