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What will happen if I dont pay my automatic payment on xbox live?


Ok so on xbox live there is a app called xbox music that I signed up to I got one month for free and I only used that for 1 day as I was just checking it out and I have just checked my emails its turned out xbox live have automatically re-newed the xbox music membership and I have to pay for it I didnt even want it! They do not have a valid bank card on my account so they can’t charge me. I have tried to cancel it but I cant do it I refuse to pay for something I didnt agree to having renewed automatically what will hapoen if I dont pay it can someone help me please!

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  1. When you signed up for the free trial you agreed that if you don’t cancel in 30 days that xbox could charge you. Because you didn’t cancel it, they can legally charge you.

    You should cancel it as soon as you can. If not they could try to collect. or put something on your credit.

  2. I dont know much about Xbox Music because i dont use it but your best bet is to call Microsoft Customer Support and get it sorted out with them.

  3. You’re gonna have to pay, if you didn’t want it you had to opt out of it 1 day before the free trial was up. One way or another they’ll charge you

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