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What Resident Evil games should I play to get to know the series better?


I’ve already played RE4 and Revelations. What other games should I play first to get to know the series a bit better? I want to play them on PS3 or PC (mostly on PS3) I would prefer to play the games in chronological order
I want to play all the available games for the series so if anyone can give me a list of the games in chronological order, that’ll be awesome

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  1. You definitely need to play the first three classic, truly third-person, survival based Resident Evil games. (RE1, RE2, RE: Nemesis)

    All three can be found on the PSN store (digitally/graphically enhanced) under PS1 Classics and can be bought for a low price.

    If you don’t want all three, then at least play RE 1, as this shows how it all started.

    I personally also likes Resident Evil Outbreak as well, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Well I’ve played them all and it pretty much just starts over and over from the original PS one to ps2 game cube and so on so where you started at at 4 that’s the beat place to start at 5 is pretty cool its my favorite 🙂

  3. resident evil umbrella chronicles and darkside chronicles it tells the stories of all of them. but it isnt as fun as the others you shoul dplay it if you want to know everything, then play the 5th one.

  4. 1- try resident evil you meet chris,jill,wesker,barry,rebecca chambers. first time zombies appear in their world also you see when wesker betrays chris and jill.

    2-resident evil 2, leon,claire,sherry. you get to see how leon started out as a rookie cop getting moved to raccoon city when the virus struck and he has to escape from this city. claire looking for chris.

    honestly im not sure were code veronica, or 0 would fit in but its after these awesome two.

    they are scary 4 and 5 focus more on combat than horror.

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