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What is wrong with my Xbox 360?


I tried to turn on my 360 today and the first try it didn’t flash the normal green lights, only the center green light of the button.

After that it turned on and the 4 green ring lights flashed but after the logo came on the screen it froze.

Then I tried many more times but only the green light on the center of the power button was on.

I don’t know why this is happening but can anyone explain to me what might be going on?

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  1. take care of ur 360. c ppl r blaming microsoft 4 makin a bad console and RROD but its the consumers who r to blame they r too lazy to put the 360 in a cool, dust-free( which requires u to clean but ur too lazy to do so), and ventilated area. and if its hot where u live use a fan and if dont hv a fan get a fan for 20$-50$ u hv the money to buy a 360 than u can obviously buy a fan.

  2. Try putting your Power cable in different power sources and even your TV connect cables, you’d be surprised at how much just doing that can do. Leave it alone for a day in a cool place if that doesn’t work and then try again. If no result just send it in to Microsoft but tell them that it was the Ring of Death so that you get a warranty;)

  3. Sounds like your console is about to go 3ROD. Call Microsoft and check to see if your console is under warranty. Do not open the console until you have spoken with microsoft, opening the console voids the warranty. If your console is not under warranty, then you will need to find someone to do a reflow on your GPU using a reflow machine (NOT a heatgun).

  4. K first try unpulg every thing hard drive power cable and av cable and Then plug them back in. if its still doing it call micosoft and see what wrong with your xbox. 1-800-4MY-XBOX

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