Home Videos Tekken 7 – Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

Tekken 7 – Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Trailer | PS4, X1, PC


Tekken 7 - Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

GUNDAM VERSUS - Game Mode Trailer | PS4


  1. I don't understand all these complaints going on about something that hasn't been done since early 2000 ( Tekken Tag Tournament 1 on PS2). I'm totally hyped about this!! Brings back old memories. And I get to bowl with my girl, Lucky Chloe!! I'm gonna get a perfect score with her! Just you wait!!

  2. Why cant we have scenario campaign mode, Tekken Ball, and all of the mainstay characters that got dropped for 7??

  3. The biggest problem with the gaming community today versus the one I grew up in is that as a result of the internet when people have something they don't like instead of just keeping it to themselves and recognizing it's a personal beef or at the very least sharing it with a group of close friends they have to get on social media and just spew it all out onto the internet and turn it into a crusade to try to impress complete strangers with how much they think they're sticking it to the man and somehow in control of a situation that they quite simple are not.

    DLC has done more harm than good for the community as it's always just such a sore spot for butthurt and boring commentary about how people won't buy a piece of DLC but feel the need to bitch relentlessly about it anyway. Again bitching is the hobby now, not the gaming aspect.

  4. Man people really getting pissy about this game already but somehow I'm not surprised since it combines the two things that really seem to attract the most toxicity, a long delayed release and a known entity producer/director. The fact that this guy IS a known entity that puts himself out there in PR allows critics to just really dig at him and make it deeply personal too. I'm somewhat skeptical that people would ever be satisfied if they just added the characters and patches to shut them up and would just move on to something else because it really does seem about taking it personally.

    Looking forward to seeing this debut at EVO a week less now in a less toxic atmosphere to get a feel for it's actual community and what it's about at high level play.

  5. No offense for the people who like Tekken Bowl. But… why? I rather have more characters than a fucking bowling minigame.

  6. Was hoping for the completion of the story mode, me and tens of thousands are REALLY disappointed of where you ended the story and putting Jin for a coma till only the end !

  7. For those who are interestet in this game, DON'T BUY IT, it's not worth the money

    Here's why

    1. Lack of content, it's missing alot of old modes that should be there, now there's only 4 offline mode's

    2. 7 frame delay, it means that you can't block after u have hit an attack

    3. Online issues

    4. Story mode is too short

    5. There is only 1 episode in the character stories, which means it's only 1 fight with each character

    6. The colors in customization is terrible, u can't make dark colors anymore

    7. Tekken bowl was meant to be in the game day one, and now it's paid dlc

    8. The game runs at 864p 60fps on standard ps4 and 720p 60fps on xbox one

    9. The arcade battle is 4-5 matches long and have no ending, ending means short cgi cutscenes which is in all other tekken games

    10. There's alot of input lag on ps4 and xbox one

    If u have read this and still going to buy it, i will tell u the good things in the game

    1. Gameplay is fantastic

    2. Character models and overall game design is beautiful

    3. Story mode is short but good

    4. Customization is good

    5. The game runs at 1080p 60fps on ps4 pro and 4k on pc

    If i should give a rate 1 out of 10, i would give it 6,5/10

  8. They should have story mode on original mobile suit like Gundam Dx of PS2, also no split-screen offline multiple players is a failure of this game.

  9. Already has my buy but I'd gladly give up even more money for possible G Gundam dlc lol

  10. Is that game got delay or something? Well the trailer said it released at 7-6-2017, but why it changed to 9-29-17? Is it America release?

  11. No local multiplayer is a no go for but the game looks phenomenal. Might grab it on sale at some point though.

  12. Boooooooooooooooring.
    please bring back Another Century Episode that way I'll play this Gundam mechs

  13. Come on, Bamco, give us offline splitscreen.

    There are those of us who can't afford 2 PS4s and 2 PS+ subscriptions in one household just to play together, so we NEED splitscreen in games like this. Otherwise it won't be worth full price for us.


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