Home Playstation Games Super Stardust Ultra – Launch Trailer | PS4

Super Stardust Ultra – Launch Trailer | PS4


Super Stardust Ultra - Launch Trailer | PS4

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  1. Super Stardust HD is one of my favorite games all time. I had no idea Sony released this on PS4.

  2. Got some major nostalgia from that music, didn't realize I was such a big fan… or that the PS3 version was released such a long time ago, wow, 8 years?

  3. I am so psyched for this!  Gonna download it today.  I absolutely loved it on the PS3 – my favorite twin stick shooter of all time.  Looks like I'm gonna have to shelve Geometry Wars Dimensions.  I just hope it supports 3D like the PS3 version.

  4. Pfttt stupid fanboys here why can't you just play on the system you prefer or possibly both/all instead of starting stupid fights? 

    Downloading this now, loved the PS3 games and this one looks gorgeous. 

  5. give it! give it! arcade Porno! omg! Hypetrain…wohooooo giiiiiiiiiiiiive it! Super Stardust is beast since 1995

  6. Played Super Stardust for 8 years on the PS3.  Was the last game I played before sending it out to sell for games on my new PS4 at launch.  Amazing game.  Glad to see it back on the PS4

  7. Ugh.. I wish Housemarque would atleast try to do something new. I've bought most of their games but I won't be buying the same game for the fifth time.

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