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Spider-Man: Friend or Foe – The Co-op Mode


Spider-Man: Friend or Foe - The Co-op Mode


  1. lol such good days when I played this game, I would always play with my little brother but, the one thing we both hated about the game is how, someone had to be spider man, even after you beat it, it won't let you free select unless you're a sidekick, my favorite character was (new goblin) and my brother favorite character was (venom) but I always made him pick spider man so, I can be (new goblin) those were the good days, I miss so much.

  2. hi i downloaded this game for my pc but i can't play it two player although i have a joystick. Please can someone help me ?

  3. How you have co-op for this game?I have just on joystick.How you log in Sven Co-op?I want play this with friends.Explain me how you got co-op mode.

  4. Oh the good old days in ps2 I r ember this game quite well I played it all the time I beat it all solo and I was max on all characters life is good

  5. Nick Furry was white in the original versions.
    Then Ultimate made him black, and after that, Hollywood made him black.

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