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South Park The Stick of Truth – Quick Leveling, Quick Money & Best Weapon


1)Travel to CITY WOK

2)There will be 2 elf kids in front of the store
attack them with X

This is one of the best places to farm for
XP and money, since there’s only 2 enemies

XP is given out evenly no matter how
many enemies there are

3)When the fight is over, walk into CITY WOK
then walk back out and the kids will respawn again

4)You can sell your loot at JIMBO’S GUNS
you can also obtain one of the
best weapons in the game at this shop
LEVEL 14 “Sweet Katana”

5)Repeat this process until
you’re satisfied with your level

Note: If the kids don’t respawn, walk into CITY WOK
until you see the save sign in the bottom right corner

Note: Also, be sure to pick up the loot that enemies drop
If the loot accumulates too much the kids won’t respawn
Enemy Loot is where the majority of your money is made in
South Park

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South Park The Stick of Truth - Quick Leveling, Quick Money & Best Weapon


  1. first person i have ever seen with the warrior class , i am a warrior myself in the game so its nice to see someone with the warrior class . but good video

  2. ps3 version only spawns em maybe every 3 or 4 times you enter and come out. its never 2 in a  row

  3. Can someone help me? I beated the game and when i try to do the glitch, the elves won't spawn again.

  4. it is useful, i got the game for christmas and finished it in 2 days.. however the trophy list is no way near complete. So farming cash is a good way to buy the last few items on a 1st playthrough. I'll do a second on jew class, that way I make more money through out the game (and get the alternative outcomes) and should have enough with the added jew bonus to buy everything towards the end. there's a few shops that are mission specific, like the final boss fight.. maybe you can go back but I doubt it.. anyway, surely you would need to buy everything when your in that shop or you'll need another playthrough. I dunno, just cant be bothered to run through it again straight away, would rather pad out my 1st run and get what I can before it starts to gather dust. 

  5. This is exactly what I did before I took on any bosses. Except I prefer fighting the Elves by Skeeter’s Bar, the Church and the Community Center. These patrols are more challenging for a fight! I like a good duel instead of destroying them all in two turns, so I take it easy and save my special abilities for the sixth or seventh turns before crushing the opposition!

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