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Slender: The Arrival – Complete Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


Slender: The Arrival - Complete Walkthrough (Xbox 360)


  1. how do you save this game just played it for an hour when to go back and its at the beginning…

  2. i usually turn on the first transformer light generator soon as i leav the get then get the little stri-p of news paper about the burned down house then wen i go to the house its a demon lady their shivering if i run to her it just shows a picture of dark woods then i dont know wut else to do lol

  3. Grrr. I'm on the last page and pretty much shitting myself scared because I don't want to die on the last page. That blue box thing I don't think I've gotten that one and I'm in the building that you got the 8th page. When I go that direction I run into a tent. I can't seem to find this blue porta loo thing.

  4. I figured it out. It only happens when I run to the poster. If I walk up to it everything's normal. I have the 360 version and the easter egg is indeed there.

  5. When I play this game, when I grab the missing child poster the game enters some weird mode where the Slender Man kills me and I can't escape. What is going on?

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