Home Videos Should I Trade In My PS3 To Get A PS4? #askjimmylog

Should I Trade In My PS3 To Get A PS4? #askjimmylog


Should I Trade In My PS3 To Get A PS4? #askjimmylog

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  1. idk man I really want my ps4 I think I'll keep my ps3 and buy ps4 or I'll upgrade my ps3 or trade my ps3 but idk man your choice

  2. hey if he had a ps4 he could still play with his freinds i know this because my freind had a ps3 and he swithed to ps4 and i he sent me on a freind request with his ps4 and you can play together to

  3. most of my friends have moved to ps4 so i already have $134 so far so i might trade but im not sure

  4. im not a gamer, i have about 20 ps3 games, i dont intend to have a massive 1000plus collection, should i sell my ps3 console? the thing is the price of games, i only want to be like up todate withsome games like the new spidermanps4 and injustice, you know? should i?

  5. Hey man I know you probably won't read this but if you do I was wondering I have a PS3 not a classic but all of my friend have a PS3 but I like the old ls3 games like sky rim and I don't know how to save enough money for a PS4 but I'm only 11 🙁 so I can't figure out how to save so should I trade it in for a PS4 or keep the PS3 with all my classic favourite game and also I have bought over 1 grand in games and Addons so just wondering thxs btw keep up the good work

  6. Yes Trade In The PS3 and the PS3 Games And Upgrade it to get a PS4 and Get PS4 Games Too Bro it is so worth it! m/

  7. Why New games only release on Ps4 , Xbox One, Pc?
    Must be release first for older genaration console
    Many people cannot afford Ps4 /One/pc it too expensive
    I am sorry 360/Ps3 players , i am also victim like u

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