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Should I Buy? Port Royale 3 [Review]


Should I Buy? Port Royale 3 [Review]

Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants - Gameplay Trailer (2012) | HD


  1. Guys is al,ost the same as Patrician as i see except maybe more Graphical but less A.I. as i understood

  2. I loved the original Port Royale, idk why they decided to only have 3 ships per battle when in the original you could have like 12 per side

  3. Yikes, this seems a lot more complicated than I hoped for… :O I think I'll just stick to PR2.

  4. Is there a way to know which ships you are attacking when you attack a convoy ? until now I only can see the strength of a convoy but not which ships they have until you literally fight them.

  5. I have no idea why this got so bad reviews from other reviewers, I found this game to be really good, even though it's just a graphical update for port Royale 2

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  7. xbox org.. pirates of the Caribbean,, pc is even better. You can mod and have the kraken sink ships for you its cool.. but old stuff.

  8. No its not, its probably the best pirate game ever made, i cant wait till it comes out. But ill wait to hear a better one, any pirate game that's better. One that actually gets the the pirate era right. Unlike stupid child like ones, or naval strategy games. I want an open world 3rd or 1st person pirate game, and done right. Name one, please.

  9. oh dear mister u will go to hell for what u just said. AC4 is fcking awesome u can sail freely and there is storms theres even fckin dolphins and u say it can go to hell? wtf man u must hate goodgames. u can even upgrade your ship and character that sounds awesome and when im gonna play it it will be fcking awesome so u can go to hell fcking retard with no sense of what is good and what is bad >:/!

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  11. Ha, yeah it says "A call of duty 17th century boat sims" sooo not COD at all. weird marketing.

  12. There will be soon. A demo should be released on kick-starter within a few months look out for it.

  13. oh and the whole thing is a open world free roam rpg. also check out the gentlemen of fortune mod for it…… for more info contact me.

  14. the only pirate game worth playing is age of pirates 2: city of abandoned ships……..it is a third person pirate game where you can explore the caribean and has the most dynamic ship battles and is all out awsome. for pc only but still….i run it great on a 32 bit windows laptop. so check it out.

  15. There is 3 or 4 missions per sequence, and there is no free roam mode, and the missions aren´t very unique either.

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