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settings for the ps3 help?


my tv is 720p and my ps3 is set to 720p should i set it to 1080i because my tv manuel says it can support that

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  1. Select every resolution your TV supports in the display settings. The PS3 will only choose 1080i if that or 1080p is the native resolution of the game. As far as I know, only PS3 exclusives, like GT5 Prolouge and MGS4 have native 1080 resolutions.

    There really isn’t much difference between 720p and 1080i anyway. Frankly, I’d rather have Progressive over Interlaced anyway.

  2. whatever your tv is capable of it should be that my tv also has up to 1080i and i keep it in 1080i format why play games in 720p when they can be player in 1080i

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