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Ride ps4 Onboard Race Honda CBR 600RR Sierra Nevada 2015


Ride ps4 Onboard Race Honda CBR 600RR Sierra Nevada 2015

Ride 2 PS4 Overview


  1. me he dado cuenta de que los canvios los llebas un poco mal,sobre todo en las curvas.Pero tu gusto sobre las motos megusta. ; D

  2. I am here because of DRIVECLUB. I can play this game RIDE for 30mns than shut off the game. DRIVECLUB !! I can play DRIVECLUB for more than 3hours on BIKES racing than jump on to KOENIGSEGG ONE-1.M'clearen P-1 or FXX-K for another 3hours DRIVECLUB it just too much fun…

  3. Hmmm… which would be better a wheel or the PS4 pad for a bike game like this? Obvs wheel isnt meant for it but might work quite well, might as well test it out if i pick this up. Need to get Project cars, F1 2015, the witcher 3 and batman first! (all coming within 1 month of each other)

  4. Looks like your riding in the wrong gear!
    First person view looks cool!
    I wonder if u can play manual gears…?
    I think I might give this game a try.

  5. This game is pretty unrealistic, just the fact he is riding the Kawasaki with 100 mph in first gear like….ofc xD

  6. That collision detection is awful. I promise you that if I clipped another bike at those speeds, I'd be done. Especially with the front wheel – going that fast, you clip something and start to get the "wobbles" and it's pretty much over.

  7. I'm a bit of a Nordschleife junky. Just wondering, is this the only bike game since Tourist Trophy to feature it?

    Also, were there any bike games on PS3 that warrant back buying (as in they have something great about them that other games since don't have)? I get tempted to pick up a bike game every now and then, but there never seems to be a clear "go to" title. Ride seems to have about the best user rating I've seen a bike game get for some time.

  8. It's not about riding the fastest bike or the most expensive! It's about feeling the bike even though it's a fucking game! Tourist trophy from PS2 players will understand. I don't know if I should buy this game, some advise maybe ?

  9. Instead of making a couple of DLCs, they decided to release the exact same game once again and just add a few new bikes & tracks for 70€. And then they'll wonder why the game flopped.

  10. with other developers bringing us 60fps games this one will get left behind after a while. 30fps should be in the past by now.

  11. i need someone to help me out.I bought the special edition of ride 2 and you get the game with a season pass aprilia & suzuki bonus pack that means you obtain two bikes the suzuki hayabusa & the aprilia tuono v4 factory & 10 helmets and also the kawasaki and ducati pack that works the same way 2 bikes and 10 helmets …. well after downloading everything i never got the packs i havent been giving the bikes or the helmets and if i want them ive to buy them ive spent £69.99 on the ps store and that was for everything ive mentioned. now when i go to add ons in the games menue its saying they're installed but i havent recieved them. how do i fix this?

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