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PS4 vs Xbox One: ALL the Specs


PS4 vs Xbox One: ALL the Specs


  1. CVG is biased towards PS4, he forgot that Xbox can add external storage devices where as the PS4 can not.

  2. Lol it's a switch it was Xbox in the lead then PlayStation then when the next next gen console comes out its gonna be Xbox in the lead

  3. Enough with this "PC Master Race" BULLSHIT.

    To aquire a PC capable enough of defeating Consoles, you must spend thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not to mention that it is VERY hard to control the game. There's something called too many buttons, and the Mouse… oh god don't get me started on that unnacurate piece of Shit that takes up your entire desk as your smashing your mouse upon it to be able to move it.

    Let's just say that you are rich enough to get a PC capable enough of beating consoles. The amount of complicated SHIT that pop up on your screen is confusing as fuck, not to mention the quadruple amount of Hackers available.

    YES, a high Tech PC is capable of running games much better… if your willing to spend a fortune… and don't mind hackers… and don't get confused by the amount of installing and other shit you have to do… and don't care about the confusion of button pressing (which are spaced too closely to each other)… and don't mind spend even more on anti-Virus software and extras.

  4. well having my 12 core amd and 16 gb of ram and 2 tb in my pc i have no need for theeze but if i had to take one it would be ps4

  5. ps4 you can get alot more GB's on it, that means more space to have and you wont have to worry about deleting a bunch of stuff when your hard drive gets full.ps4 obviolsy wins

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