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PS3 questions ?


really no point to ask this but im gonna ask anyways 😀

there is a 20gb 40gb and a 60gb but is there a 120GB or somewhere around it? i think i saw one somewhere and if there is one whats the diffrence besides the higher GB? also why cant a 40gb PS3 play PS2 games?

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  1. Yes a 120Gb PS3 came out around Nov 2008 and it had the game “Unchartered: Drake’s Fortune” packed in.

    The 40GB cannot play PS2 games because Sony removed the necessary software and PS3 hardware components that allowed backwards compatibility.

    The launch models 20GB and 60GB (considered by many to be the best PS3 version) both played PS2 games as did the 80GB models that launched with Motorstorm and later Metal Gear Solid 4 packed in.

    Since then, Sony has scrapped all backwards compatibility plans as far as being able to play PS2 games is concerned.

    All PS3 models will play select PS1 games!

  2. the 20gb, 60gb and 80gb Deluxe can play ps2 games cause they have the emotion chip(20gb and 60gb) or it has an emulating software(80gb deluxe) which allows it to play ps2 games. the 40gb, 80gb core and 160gb has no emotion chip or software to play ps2 games the only difference between these 3 is just hdd space nothing else.

  3. Yes youre almost right. Theres an 80gb model after the 60gb one. To be honest, im more of a 360 kinda guy (lol!) so I can only assume you cant play PS2 games on a 40gb model because sony wants to suck even more money from your pockets and give bonus fetaures like these to the more expensive ps3’s.

    My mate actually has a 500gb PS3! This is because PS3’s use a standard 2.5″ Hard Drive- imagine having a 5 Terabyte PS3 lol!! My mate will definately never use up all the space, but its a cool thing to boast about lol.

  4. I would recommend the 80 gig all the way. It’s what I have and I’m very happy with it. I upgraded the hard drive to a 320 gig so it still has more than anything else & will play ps2 games. With new games coming out ranging around $60 bucks it’s still nice to be able to go out to gamestop or play&trade and buy a couple of games for 5 to 10 bucks each.

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