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ps3- psn memory help.?


my ps3 recently just broke and i shipped it to sony about 1 week ago and its going to be here by thursday this week

before i shipped it i called customer service to see what i was saposed to do with it, and the dude on the line said to restore it to default settings. so i did and i saved all my game data on a usb drive before i restored it.

but. then i accidentally deleted it when i plugged it into my computer.

what i want to know is if i will still have my online data still there.

like for example cod4, its basically all i play.

and im on the 10th prestige

but will all that go away since i restored it?

i reeeeally hope not.

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  1. All your PSN data is stored on your Playstation Network ID (PSN ID). As long as you remember the sign in info (email and password) you will retrieve all your online statistics when you sign into the Playstation Network.

    Short answer: yes you will still have the same COD4 rank when you get your new PS3, even though you lost all your save data.

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