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[PS3] Genji: Days of the Blade Playthrough -Part 03: Shizuka’s Dance-


[PS3] Genji: Days of the Blade Playthrough -Part 03: Shizuka's Dance-


  1. I still have this game and I'm still playing it , wanna know why ?ย 
    because shizuka is pretty as the heaven isย 

  2. I thought the first Genji game was ok.. and yes the camera sucks ass. They shouldve allowed more time for improvement on days of the blade. The thing I enjoyed most about the game is the characters and the music.ย 

  3. yea,it's like a totally diffrent game from the 1st game…and the removed the countering system which imo made the 1st game that much more fun…now,its just hack and dodge…

  4. I had to srat over cuz I killed all the enemys before trying to get in that room at 9:13 only to find that it was "Locked on the inside. You can not get through" XP
    and I the camera is working for the Heishi O.o

  5. @9snaker i allmost gave up and traded it away till i thought about looking on youtube for a walkthrough nun of the uther sights showed me whare the key is and now im in joing the game well sort of if you no what i mean ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  6. @mtwertqf3
    muhahaha i read an amazon review/recension about it, and there was a person who gave it 1 star, because he hated that game because of the camera view – he told he couldn't find the key and gave up

  7. thanks for uploading this video you saved my ass i was looking everywhere for that key i was embarrassed that i got stumped so early in the game so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The key is near the beginning of the level on the on the left side from where you start by a dead man near a tree

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