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Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty – Review Commentary


Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty - Review Commentary


  1. Theres 1 thing I hate about this game its that you cant reconfigure the buttons to the original layout theres times i got killed because of the inferior button layout youre forced to use, its not horrible but its kinda clunky and will make the game harder than it needs to be. One thing I want from the next remake is to be able to play with the original controls of Abe's Exoddus

  2. Please bring back all of the oddworld franshise collection love this game played it when it came out to ps- 1 and im hooked like before. Inrsther play this game then anyother game i have for xbox one.

  3. This isn't the better version… the original made me scared to play it.. but this is just a joke

  4. Must buy , still own the ps1 version, but the graphics on this game are so good,& the tweaks are a nice touch, been a gamer & collector for 30 + years now, & this feels as fresh & as good as anything released today, ahh the memories have come flooding back, buy it now

  5. Not everything is the same, some secrets are different than in the original.
    And there are more secrets than the original I believe.

  6. Do you have to save all of the Mudokons or are they optional? Me and my friend have been debating this.

  7. What a joke, this review seems really rushed. The new game completely lost its creepy atmosphere due to unnecessary many light sources and unreal sounding noises. It also completely missed the message of the first game. It showed us that corporations could use advertising to cover up the exploitation of laborers and encouraged us to ask questions. Now this game has even self-promoting posters in it for other games, its a slap to the face of the original game.

  8. holy shit this game is a fucking pain in the ass im glad i did not play the ps1 verison one of the hardest games ive ever played but hey dark souls is worser than this atleast 

  9. good game but got the bad ending 😛 might come back to this game someday and save all of them 

  10. reworked controls are a good thing?  shits so loose im slipping off ledges all the time.  a game like oddworld requires precise movement, these new controls do not allow that.

    aside from a few pointless changes (opening CS escape into the barrel was cut for some reason…) though, im enjoying the hell out of it.

  11. Quick save is a "good feature" ? lol it destroys the essence of the game that is, repeating the level sections over and over again until you do them near perfection and save all of your "friends" while killing all the enemies.
    A quick save feature kills the game.
    Before people bitch "oh, you can just not use it" yeah, I could, but it's devastating  knowing that feature is there and people are finishing the levels with perfect scores qicksaving every step they take while you have to work hard to do so.

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