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NHL 11 Review


NHL 11 Review


  1. "That one new mode" What the fuck would that be, IGN? I'm pretty sure most people who are very new to NHL games hop straight into Be A Pro. There's your "awesome new mode" right there.

  2. This game is pretty good fuck ign with their shitty reviews how does activision cock taste like ign? Always giving cod games 10 when the game been the same since mw1

  3. holy shit the new broken sticks is bullshit. I get about 5 broken ones in a 5 minute period

  4. This game is very good i just wish in season mode you could see in listed order proper player standings like they had in NHL 2007..this game has shitty passing as well but overall probable the best hockey game for its time

  5. if you dont mind paying more, get 12. but people still play 11 and from what i hear they are basically the same game.

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