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My xbox 360 won’t update halo 3?


I recently bought an xbox 360 arcade, I also got halo 3. I’ve connected it to live via a computer cabled to it, and made an account it’s got a 4gig flash drive for memory. When I try to play halo 3 online and im connected to live , it asks to update halo 3, I proceed but it stops at the loading screen and wont go any farther, eventually it says that the download failed. any ideas on how to fix it?

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  1. ok well i have had that problem before if it is just that game then i dont know but if it is all game updates try CLEARING SYSEM CATCH if that does not work then try disableing firewall and antivirus fire then try to update the game to learn how to clear system catch google it k if these dont work then call microsoft they helpes me (a little)

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