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Microsoft Begging People To Buy Xbox One In Australia



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Microsoft Begging People To Buy Xbox One In Australia

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  1. i live in aussie and $599 = 720 bucks american. so whos getting ripped off here us or you guys???

  2. In my opinion Xbox One has better games, but PS4 has a much better controller. Who agrees?

  3. I know damn well you do care about sonys sales, don't lie now. I know you don't care about Xbox ones sales, you are just doing these videos to get them Xbox fanboys. 100 million to make them controllers lol, Microsoft must not really care about their sales, they just keep throwing away money. Maybe their money is overflowing in there building or can't deposit all of it.

  4. MrSmokeyDog, you just a fanboy yourself. I'm a general gamer who is more interested in games over than supporting a piece of plastic than runs them. Which means that I own multi format systems to play all the great games available. I'm from the UK, the Xbox One is selling well. There are reports that Xbox One has outsold PS4 in November in USA and UK. Yes PS4 still has more user base, you can still enjoy gaming on Xbox One. Xbox One has more quality games available than PS4 (exclusives). That deal you mentioned in Australia, to me as a gamer is a steal. If people are interested in most of those games, it's a no brainer to purchase a Xbox One.

  5. All those games and im still not in a rush to get an xbox one, these games are soo wack, im waiting for soul calibur, mk looks good, they should make a new skate game, im waiting for next gen guitar hero or rock smith, the only thing that looks good and im only saying that cause visually they do look good are forza and the crew. The only thing that ps4 and xbox one sre really useful for are youtube and netflix and blue rays, other than that its just video game marketing getting fanboys so hyped up that they kill eachother.

  6. in france they dont even bother to put xbox one in the front shelves they are in the back of the stores next to old gens ps3 and 360 the sellers even gives you advice for not buy that piece of shit… they say around here that xbox one is the next dreamcast…

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