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Lone Survivor – Review HD


Lone Survivor is a survival horror game by Superflat games, which makes a refreshing return to good old fashion horror.

Not long after I posted the review SuperFlat games released the alluded to update, entitled “directors cut” which has improved the lighting model, added a few new items and a few other interesting things. Not worth my doing a separate video on it, but it’s good stuff.

Lone Survivor - Review HD

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  1. Thanks I just discovered this channel and right off the bat I knew I can trust your opinion, I am going to play this right now!

  2. See, I played this game and it was my favorite game of all time, but unfortunately it seemed very underrated as no one I knew actually heard of it, and could barely catch any info on it online. I'm glad I could see a nice entertaining review of it here. You have earned a sub.

  3. I know the character isnt smiling, but now i cant not see it as that since you pointed it out! lol

  4. Great review man this game was one of my favorite games of the year. It has a powerful story and great soundtrack.

  5. I like your review, I downloaded this from ps plus just now for ps3. Reminds me of my early resident evil and silent hill days, but in 2D!

  6. This is a great review! You efficiently covered a lot of important aspects of the game in a reasonable amount of time. And not to mention, you have a really nice voiceover… voice. Lol.
    Thanks for sharing, you have a subscriber in me!

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