Home Playstation Forum Is playstation network under maintenence?

Is playstation network under maintenence?


Couldn’t sign in since 12:00 this morning i get error code 80710a06

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  1. psn has been taken down by a group of hackers called ‘Anonymous’ :/ People all over the world are having this same problem! ive helped about 10 ppl alreadly with this kind of question

  2. The server is currently down, and to know when it will be back up you can go here [url is not allowed] and you will be able to find out when it is back up by checking there every hour or so, and once that grey message is gone, the servers are going to be back up.

  3. Its the hacking group “ANONYMOUS” they have been attacking sony all this month and decided to take out the whole network and a few other big sony sites. Have no idea when sony is gunna fix this, hopefully SOON!

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